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The Thompson Method: Breastfeeding Rescue
The Thompson Method: Professional Course

A Breastfeeding Rescue with a Thompson Method Practitioner involves a private one on one Skype consultation, proven to help you relieve emotional, mental or physical pain so that you can continue on your breastfeeding journey.


A rescue is for you if;

  • You’re experiencing painful nipples

  • You’ve tried multiple Lactation Consultants with little or no success

  • You feel like giving up, but you don’t want to

  • You’re not ready to be done with breastfeeding yet

  • Your baby is crying and unsettled and you just don’t know what to do

  • You’ve been pumping day and night to try to increase your milk volume

  • You need gentle one on one guidance and support

  • You’d like your own unique plan so that you can continue to breastfeed

  • You want to transition from using a nipple shield back to the breast

  • You want to continue bonding with your baby for many more months to come

Family Love by a Mother and Her Two Daughters


Birth Doula with Couple


The Thompson Method Professional Edition is a comprehensive online program with 24/7 lifetime access covering a detailed and anatomical account of  The Thompson Method.


Who is the program for?

  • Care for breastfeeding women and their babies and would like improved outcomes

  • Would like to further their knowledge of The Thompson Method

  • Would like to gain professional development hours toward their qualification

Nurture In Harmony Pty Ltd

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