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"Our mission, is to nurture and coach current and future mothers. We provide genuine care, education, and support for women experiencing the joys of pregnancy, with harmonious breastfeeding being at the centre of our beliefs".


"Nurturing women, empowering them to experience lifetime maternal bonds with their baby as they navigate challenges within a modern world".

In Harmony

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Lyniece Rostant

Thompson Method

Breastfeeding Educator

(Advanced Practice)

Lyniece Rostant is the founder and director of Nurture In Harmony. She works with pregnant and breastfeeding women to guide and support them to experience pain-free breastfeeding and empowers them to be in control of their own breastfeeding journeys.


As a Thompson Method Breastfeeding educator (Advanced Practice) she shares The Beautiful Breastfeeding Program, utilising The Thompson Method, a gentle world-class breastfeeding program assisting women in transitioning from their pregnancy through to birth and onto successful breastfeeding.


Lyniece is passionate about nurturing and coaching women, providing genuine care, education and support for mothers.


She resides in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two sons. Lyniece loves spending time being outdoors with her family and often explores the local park offerings.

About Lyniece

A Welcome Message From Dr Robyn Thompson


Breastfeeding is one of the most effective ways to ensure your babies health and survival. However, according to the World Health Organisation, globally nearly 2 out of 3 infants are not exclusively breastfed for 6 months. In Australia, although many women initiate breastfeeding (approx 96%), only 15% of babies are still being exclusively breastfeed to 5 months. We face many cultural, educational and societal barriers for women to choose to breastfeed. Inappropriate marketing of breast-milk substitutes continues to undermine efforts to improve breastfeeding rates and duration worldwide.

Maternal breast-milk is species-specific dynamic milk, which meets the unique requirements of a growing and developing human baby.

  • Breast-milk gives your baby a healthy start in life

  • It is the only food your baby needs for about the first 6 months

  • Breast-milk is always fresh, clean and the right temperature

  • Your breast-milk will change over time to suit your baby's changing needs

  • Breast-milk helps protect your baby from some illnesses and childhood cancers

  • Breast-fed babies have lower risk of diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes in later life

  • Breastfed babies have a lower risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

  • Breastfeeding also has health benefits for mothers including, reducing risks of certain cancers, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes

  • Breastfeeding helps you to build a close bond with your baby

We are committed to improving the global breastfeeding rates by guiding and supporting pregnant women to prepare for breastfeeding before their baby arrives. Sharing The Thompson Method, we offer programs to help women be fully prepared for breastfeeding to avoid common complications, such as painful nipple trauma, engorgement and mastitis and help them to breastfeed for as long as they choose.

The Thompson Method is a gentle, natural approach, nothing like the typically forceful techniques taught in many hospitals and prenatal classes around the world. The Thompson Method was created by Dr Robyn Thompson, a midwife with over 45 years experience who was awarded a PhD for her research into why so many women were being discharged from hospital with painful nipple trauma and other breastfeeding complications such as engorgement & mastitis. The Thompson Method is for all women who want to breastfeed, but particularly those giving birth in the hospital system, offering a gentle alternative, helping women avoid the most common and painful breastfeeding complications. 

The Thompson Method

Nurture In Harmony Pty Ltd

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